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* feat(bin) Add a help message for `-v`/`--verbose`.HEADmasterIvan Enderlin2018-02-051
* chore(cs) Add an empty line.Ivan Enderlin2018-02-051
* Merge branch 'pr/52' into incomingIvan Enderlin2018-02-051
| * feat(debug) CS: Add a flag to enable verbose mode.Stéphane HULARD2018-02-021
* | Merge branch 'pr/53' into incomingIvan Enderlin2018-02-051
|\ \
| * | fix(php-cs-fixer) Method signature changed.Stéphane HULARD2018-02-021
| |/
* | feat(cs) Use short `list` syntax.incomingIvan Enderlin2017-11-101
* feat(cs) Allow risky fixers.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-211
* feat(cs) Add PHP 7.* rules.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-211
* feat(cs) Remove `@copyright` annotation.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-211
* Prepare Enderlin2017-08-081
* fix(php-cs-fixer) Change method to apply fix with php-cs-fixerAlexis von Glasow2017-08-077
* Quality: Run `hoa devtools:cs`.Ivan Enderlin2017-04-069
* Documentation: Add `expandflexentities`.Ivan Enderlin2017-04-061
* feat(Expand flex entities) Remove unnecessary functionPierre Tomasina2017-03-251
* Small fixes (#1)Ivan Enderlin2017-03-251
* feat(Expand flex entities) use named capture in regexPierre Tomasina2017-03-221
* ExpandFlexEntities OptimizationPierre Tomasina2017-03-061
* Extend flex entities class melt into same filecamael242017-03-041
* Prepare Enderlin2017-02-241
* CS: Move to PHP CS Fixer 2.x.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-249
* Documentation: Update an exception message.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-211
* Snapshot: Force Github auth to use a token.Ivan Enderlin2017-01-101
* Snapshot: Force tag to be signed.Ivan Enderlin2017-01-101
* Prepare Enderlin2017-01-101
* Quality: Happy new year!Alexis von Glasow2017-01-0916
* Documentation: New `README.md` file.Ivan Enderlin2016-10-191
* Documentation: Update `support` properties.Ivan Enderlin2016-10-051
* Router: Use HTTPS.Ivan Enderlin2016-09-091
* Prepare Enderlin2016-09-061
* Bin: Make `…:documentation --directories` optional.Ivan Enderlin2016-08-291
| * Use a default value for `--directories` option.Stéphane HULARD2016-08-291
* | Bin: Add the `--open` option to `documentation`.Ivan Enderlin2016-08-261
* Add a fixer to remove useless constructor return tagMetalaka2016-05-102
* Prepare Enderlin2016-01-141
* Composer: New stable libraries.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-141
* CHANGELOG: Remove a snapshot.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-141
* Update because of the BC break. Enderlin2016-01-142
* Prepare Enderlin2016-01-141
* Prepare Enderlin2016-01-111
* Snapshot: Fix repository root.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-111
* Snapshot: Fix a missing variable.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-111
* Quality: Drop PHP5.4.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-111
* Quality: Run devtools:cs.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-0915
* Core: Remove `Hoa\Core`.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-093
* Consistency: Use `Hoa\Consistency`.Ivan Enderlin2015-12-082
* Event: Use `Hoa\Event`.Ivan Enderlin2015-11-231
* Snapshot: Support no tag.Ivan Enderlin2015-11-231
* Prepare Enderlin2015-10-211
* Documentation: Unset XYL theme.Ivan Enderlin2015-09-041