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* Merge (but why?).Ivan Enderlin2011-11-170
* On Windows7 only, reading a socket is a non-blocking operation. It can throwIvan Enderlin2011-10-171
* Reading a socket never returns false, but null.Ivan Enderlin2011-10-171
* Replace by Unicode :-p.Ivan Enderlin2011-09-291
* s/foobar/(not a well-formed FastCGI request)/ in Exception message.Ivan Enderlin2011-06-171
* Update according to the changeset #1690.Ivan Enderlin2011-05-311
* Add STREAM_STDIN, STREAM_STDOUT and STREAM_STDERR constants. #semanticsIvan Enderlin2011-05-131
* mv Client.php Responder.php; #semanticsIvan Enderlin2011-05-131
* Add REQUEST_BEGIN, REQUEST_ABORD & REQUEST_END constants. #semanticsIvan Enderlin2011-05-131
* Add support of request errors: CannotMultiplex, Overloaded and UnknownRole.Ivan Enderlin2011-05-135
* Use parent:: instead of self::.Ivan Enderlin2011-05-131
* Change PACK_CONTENT for HEADER_CONTENT.Ivan Enderlin2011-05-132
* mv Framework/* .Ivan Enderlin2011-04-203
* Add setter and getter for client.Ivan Enderlin2011-04-071
* Add in API documentation: “Inspired by PHP SAPI code: php://sapi/cgi/fastcg...Ivan Enderlin2011-04-072
* Change 128 for 0x80, more explicit.Ivan Enderlin2011-04-071
* Mania: format code.Ivan Enderlin2011-04-041
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