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masterchore(composer) Use `dev-master` dependencies.Ivan Enderlin3 years
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2018-01-23chore(composer) Use `dev-master` dependencies.HEADmasterIvan Enderlin1
2017-11-16chore(php) Update to PHP 7.Ivan Enderlin2
2017-08-03chore(composer) add PHP version requirementAlexis von Glasow1
2017-07-07chore(ci) Drop HHVM support.St├ęphane HULARD1
2017-04-24CI: Disable XDebug.Ivan Enderlin1
2017-03-24CI: Increase `travis_wait` to 60mn.Ivan Enderlin1
2017-03-24CI: Test run can be long if devtools is enabled.Ivan Enderlin1
2017-03-24CI: Set up Travis.Ivan Enderlin2
2017-01-13Prepare Enderlin1
2017-01-10Quality: Happy new year!Alexis von Glasow2