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* Format API documentation.Ivan Enderlin2015-08-281
* Fix CS.Ivan Enderlin2015-08-281
* Format API documentation.Ivan Enderlin2015-08-281
* Add reference to RFC2821.Ivan Enderlin2015-08-281
* Better line reading and timeout support.Ivan Enderlin2015-08-281
* Complete the API documentation.Ivan Enderlin2015-08-281
* Force TCP connection to be in blocking mode.Ivan Enderlin2015-07-211
* Avoid sending a second `EHLO` if no `STARTTLS`.Ivan Enderlin2015-06-111
* Update an exception message.Ivan Enderlin2015-06-111
* s/authentification/authentication/.Ivan Enderlin2015-06-111
* Move to PSR-1 and PSR-2.Ivan Enderlin2015-05-184
* Remove from/import and update to PHP5.4.Ivan Enderlin2015-01-234
* Happy new year!Ivan Enderlin2015-01-054
* Hoa\Socket API has changed. Update.Ivan Enderlin2014-08-121
* Fix a regex for detecting AUTH.Ivan Enderlin2014-02-271
* Remove empty file (will be added later).Ivan Enderlin2014-02-213
* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2014-01-077
* Update API documentation.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-231
* Update API documentation.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-231
* Oops, forget to merge this patch.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-231
* Start a new implementation and API.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-235
* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2013-01-014
* Libification (split from Central).Ivan Enderlin2012-08-244