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* Quality: Happy new year!Ivan Enderlin2017-01-101
* Quality: Run devtools:cs.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-091
* Consistency: Remove `from` calls.Ivan Enderlin2015-12-111
* Consistency: Use `Hoa\Consistency`.Ivan Enderlin2015-12-081
* Move to PSR-1-2 & drop PHP5.3 & `from`/`import`.Ivan Enderlin2015-05-281
* Happy new year!Ivan Enderlin2015-01-051
* Catch all exceptions.Ivan Enderlin2014-08-251
* Format code. #maniaIvan Enderlin2014-03-241
* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2014-01-071
* Remove an used variable.Ivan Enderlin2013-11-081
* Update to Core#642e0cc.Ivan Enderlin2013-10-011
* Format code. #maniaIvan Enderlin2013-04-181
* Stop to readline on EOF.Ivan Enderlin2013-02-221
* Remove a useless echo.Ivan Enderlin2013-02-201
* Update usage.Ivan Enderlin2013-02-201
* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2013-01-011
* Add autocompleter on realistic domain names.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-281
* Simplify code. #maniaIvan Enderlin2012-12-281
* .v[ariables] print Praspel representations.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-211
* Welcome to the interactive Praspel shell \o/.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-071