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* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2014-01-075
* Define flex entities.Ivan Enderlin2013-10-151
* Add coverage of the @default clause.Ivan Enderlin2013-06-241
* Propagate combinatorics to all clauses.Ivan Enderlin2013-05-271
* The Sampler class is based on Coverage\Domain.Ivan Enderlin2013-05-141
* Use default value for pre/post in getChildren.Ivan Enderlin2013-05-131
* Avoid an infinite loop when there is no variable.Ivan Enderlin2013-05-132
* Format code. #maniaIvan Enderlin2013-05-131
* Fix the \Hoa\Iterator\Multiple behavior.Ivan Enderlin2013-05-131
* Remove a useless import.Ivan Enderlin2013-05-131
* Initialize variables with an empty array.Ivan Enderlin2013-05-131
* Add Hoa\Praspel\Iterator\Coverage global iteratorIvan Enderlin2013-05-132
* Add coverage criteria (normal and exceptional).Ivan Enderlin2013-05-011
* Update API documentation.Ivan Enderlin2013-05-011
* Use Hoa\Iterator.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-302
* Add the domain coverage iterator.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-301
* Early draft of a data sampler iterator.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-241
* Fix a typo in the API documentation.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-241
* Take @throwable into account when iterating.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-231
* Add a weak stack.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-231
* Add structural coverage.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-181