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* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2014-01-071
* Classnames are backslash left-trimmed.Ivan Enderlin2013-11-221
* A specification can be binded to a class.Ivan Enderlin2013-11-111
| | | | This is obligatory for dynamic and static resolutions.
* Support $this.Ivan Enderlin2013-11-051
| | | | | Create the sub-library `Hoa\Praspel\AssertionChecker` and introduce $this support through “implicit variables”.
* Reorder allowed clause for the Praspel visitor.Ivan Enderlin2013-11-011
* Add the @default clause!Ivan Enderlin2013-06-101
| | | | The default clause represents a default/else behavior.
* Add the allowedClauses attributes.Ivan Enderlin2013-06-101
| | | | It helps to simplify the code.
* Introduce collection of clauses.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-161
| | | | | | | | | | | | Clauses can have variables, so that they extend Declaration. But a specification or a behavior can have a collection of other clauses, such as a collection of behavior, represented by an identifier. To build a collection of clauses, we need to instance the Collection class with a preset clause and post-clone function. For each new offset in the collection, the associated value is a clone from the preset clause with the post-clone function applied on this clone. This mechanism allows us to build modular collection of clauses.
* Rename @forexample to @description.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-161
| | | | | | The @forexample has already a semantics defined in JML. Our @forexample clause has a complete different semantics. In order to avoid confusion, we rename it.
* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2013-01-011
* Add getId() and _getId() methods.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-181
* Welcome to Hoa\Praspel \o/!Ivan Enderlin2012-11-231