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Englishfied README.md
Still documentation is still missing a use case. Why not use APC instead ??
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# Hoa\Registry ![state](http://central.hoa-project.net/State/Registry)
-This library proposes a static register with facilities.
+This library offers a static registry that stores key/value combinations. Any kind of PHP variable can be stored: an array, an object, a resource, etc..
## Quick usage
-As a quick overview, we propose to set an entry and retrieve it from the
-`hoa://` protocol:
+As a quick example, we set an entry and retrieve it. The retrieval can be done with a static method on the `Hoa\Registry\Registry` class and also using the `hoa://` protocol.
Hoa\Register\Registry::set('foo', 'bar');
@@ -24,9 +23,6 @@ As a quick overview, we propose to set an entry and retrieve it from the
* string(3) "bar"
-There is no restriction about the key form or the value type. We can store any
-kinds of type: objects, functions, resources…
## Documentation
Different documentations can be found on the website: