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- <p class="warning">This chapter is not yet translated. Contributions are
- welcomed!</p>
+ <p>Static <strong>registries</strong> are <strong>arrays</strong> containing
+ any kinds of <strong>informations</strong>. The <code>Hoa\Registry</code>
+ library provides a static registry and some facilities.</p>
+ <h2 id="Table_of_contents">Table of contents</h2>
+ <tableofcontents id="main-toc" />
+ <h2 id="Introduction" for="main-toc">Introduction</h2>
+ <p>A static <strong>registry</strong> allows to <strong>store</strong> any
+ kinds of informations, called <strong>entries</strong>. A registry behaves
+ like a PHP array with keys and values, it means like an hashmap.</p>
+ <h2 id="Manipulate_the_registry" for="main-toc">Manipulate the registry</h2>
+ <p>The <code>Hoa\Registry\Registry</code> class provides only four static
+ methods:</p>
+ <ul>
+ <li><code>set</code> to <strong>define</strong> a value for an entry,</li>
+ <li><code>get</code> to <strong>obtain</strong> a value from an entry,</li>
+ <li><code>isRegistered</code> to <strong>test</strong> that a value
+ exists,</li>
+ <li><code>remove</code> to <strong>delete</strong> an entry from the
+ registry.</li>
+ </ul>
+ <p>The use is trivial. We will see an example:</p>
+ <pre><code class="language-php">Hoa\Registry\Registry::set('foo', 'bar');
+ * Will output:
+ * string(3) "bar"
+ */</code></pre>
+ <p>Keys must be a boolean, an integer or a string. There is <strong>no
+ restriction</strong>, no forbidden value or character. The user is free to
+ define its own naming <strong>conventions</strong> for the keys. We are able
+ for example to use <code>.</code> (point) or <code>/</code> (slash) to create
+ sort of a linearized structure; for example <code>group.subgroup.entry</code>.
+ No matter, <code>Hoa\Registry\Registry</code> will never make any
+ difference.</p>
+ <p>Let's see the two last methods through examples:</p>
+ <pre><code class="language-php">var_dump(Hoa\Registry\Registry::isRegistered('foo'));
+ * Will output:
+ * bool(true)
+ * bool(false)
+ */</code></pre>
+ <p>Simple. The registry lives during one execution. It is
+ <strong>globally</strong> accessible from anywhere.</p>
+ <h2 id="Integration_to_the_hoa_protocol" for="main-toc">Integration to the
+ <code>hoa://</code> protocol</h2>
+ <p>The <code>hoa://</code> protocol allows to <strong>abstract</strong>
+ resources of any kinds and the <code>hoa://Library</code> branch abstracts
+ resources related to <strong>libraries</strong>. The <code>Hoa\Registry</code>
+ library provides an access to its entries thanks to
+ <code>hoa://Library/Registry#<em>key</em></code> where
+ <code><em>key</em></code> represents the key of an entry. The simplest way to
+ resolve such a path is to use the <code>resolve</code> function:</p>
+ <pre><code class="language-php">var_dump(resolve('hoa://Library/Registry#foo'));
+ * Will output:
+ * string(3) "bar"
+ */</code></pre>
+ <p>The use of the protocol is really useful to <strong>represent</strong> a
+ resource stored in the registry through a URI. Since we can store any kinds of
+ data, we can imagine to store a stream; thus:</p>
+ <pre><code class="language-php">// A dummy stream.
+$stream = new Hoa\File\Read(__FILE__);
+Hoa\Registry\Registry::set('stream.dummy', $stream);</code></pre>
+ <p>And in our application, thanks to the naming conventions, we can retrieve
+ our stream:</p>
+ <pre><code class="language-php">$stream = resolve('hoa://Library/Registry#stream.dummy');
+echo $stream->readAll();</code></pre>
+ <p>We can also store anonymous functions or anything else. The possibilities
+ are <strong>interesting</strong>.</p>
+ <h2 id="Conclusion" for="main-toc">Conclusion</h2>
+ <p>The <code>Hoa\Registry</code> library provides a static
+ <strong>registry</strong>. Its integration to the <code>hoa://</code> protocol
+ propels it to <strong>new</strong> usages. Its behavior is pretty trivial
+ but it can be often useful.</p>