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* Prepare Enderlin2015-08-031
* `getDomain` uses HTTP_HOST instead of SERVER_NAME.camael242015-08-031
* Filter protected variables when unrouting.Ivan Enderlin2015-07-301
* Fix CS.Ivan Enderlin2015-07-302
* Append unused variables to the querystring when unrouting rulesKévin Gomez2015-07-161
* Prepare Enderlin2015-05-291
* Move to PSR-1 and PSR-2.Ivan Enderlin2015-05-209
* Prepare Enderlin2015-02-261
* Decode URI after having splitted subdomain & URI.Ivan Enderlin2015-02-261
* Add the `CHANGELOG.md` file.Ivan Enderlin2015-02-261
* Complete HTTP methods (match IANA list).Ivan Enderlin2015-02-172
* Sort HTTP methods to ease the reading.Ivan Enderlin2015-02-171
* Add the Hoa\Router\Http\Dav router!Ivan Enderlin2015-02-171
* Allow to define new HTTP methods in sub-classes.Ivan Enderlin2015-02-171
* Move Hoa\Router\Http to Hoa\Router\Http\Http.Ivan Enderlin2015-02-171
* Remove a useless line.Ivan Enderlin2015-01-291
* Remove from/import and update to PHP5.4.Metalaka2015-01-286
* Merge branch 'doc' into incomingIvan Enderlin2015-01-231
| * Update schemas.Ivan Enderlin2014-12-191
| * s/@lh/@hackIvan Enderlin2014-12-131
* | Fix when the `_method` router variable is missing. Enderlin2015-01-091
* | Merge branch '_method' into incomingIvan Enderlin2015-01-052
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| * | Update documentation.Ivan Enderlin2015-01-051
| * | Add the routed URI as a special variable.Ivan Enderlin2014-12-131
| * | Add the request method as a special variable.Ivan Enderlin2014-12-121
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* | Happy new year!Ivan Enderlin2015-01-056
* Move to PSR- Enderlin2014-12-091
* Format.Ivan Enderlin2014-12-041
* Je pense que le message se veut plutôt positifSamuel Laulhau2014-12-041
* Add links around hoa://. Enderlin2014-09-261
* Add branch-alias.éphane PY2014-09-231
* Drop PHP5. Enderlin2014-09-171
* Add the installation section.Ivan Enderlin2014-09-171
* Start Rüsh Release. Enderlin2014-09-161
* Fix getDomain().Ivan Enderlin2014-07-291
* Add a link.Ivan Enderlin2014-03-281
* Add syntax highlighting.Ivan Enderlin2014-02-241
* Add the state of the library.Ivan Enderlin2014-02-102
* Allow a null subdomain when unrouting.Ivan Enderlin2014-01-251
* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2014-01-076
* Format `composer.json`.Ivan Enderlin2014-01-031
* Add empty english documentation.Ivan Enderlin2013-12-031
* unroute() supports more complex patterns.Ivan Enderlin2013-11-201
* Use constants everywhere as much as possible.Alexis von Glasow2013-11-061
* Remove mentions to from/import in documentations.Ivan Enderlin2013-11-011
* Decode URI for “complex” ones.Ivan Enderlin2013-10-301
* Update PR.Ivan Enderlin2013-10-241
* Update french documentation.Ivan Enderlin2013-10-241
* Adding documentation for (get|set)DefaultPort using explicit argumentAlexis von Glasow2013-10-241
* Add constant to have explicit option for (set|get)DefaultPortAlexis von Glasow2013-10-181