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* chore(composer) Use `dev-master` dependencies.HEADmasterIvan Enderlin2018-01-231
* chore(php) Fix a type.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-101
* chore(cs) Fix CS.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-103
* chore(php) Update to PHP 7.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-1019
* chore(php) Update to PHP 7.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-071
* chore(php) Call `Protocol::resolve` correctly.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-071
* fix(bin) Use `Protocol::resolve`.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-071
* chore(php) Fix types according to `hoa/console`.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-071
* Prepare Enderlin2017-08-181
* fix(doctest) Always add Kitab output directory.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-181
* Prepare Enderlin2017-08-161
* fix(run) Kitab must not override default directory.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-151
* Prepare Enderlin2017-08-151
* fix(doctest) Remove the `assert` asserter.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-151
* chore(composer) Require at least hoa/kitab 0.6.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-151
* feat(doctest) Use Kitab.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-155
| * feat(doctest) Use Kitab API to compile doc.Ivan Enderlin2017-07-051
| * feat(doctest) Add Kitab as a dependency.Ivan Enderlin2017-07-051
| * feat(doctest) Remove generation and execution.Ivan Enderlin2017-07-055
* | chore(cs) Use spaces, rename a variable, fix doc.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-151
* | feat(run) Add the --no-code-coverage option.Grummfy2017-07-071
* Quality: Extract the reducer in its own variable.Ivan Enderlin2017-04-061
* Quality: Clean up the code.Ivan Enderlin2017-04-062
* Generator: Support `use` and `#`.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-071
* Generator: Allow `must_throw(E)`.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-061
* Generator: Clean the output.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-061
* Generator: Support `must_throw` in code block type.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-061
* Generator: Support `ignore` in code block type.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-061
* Generator: Ignore code block whose is not PHP.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-061
* Documentation: Generate classes that need to.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-031
* Run: Auto-generate doc API tests when running.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-031
* Generator: Move arguments from ctor to `generate`.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-032
* Integration: Allow `Documentation` in namespace.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-282
* Bin: Generate test suites from API documentations.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-283
* Asserter: Add the `assert` asserter.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-282
* Integration: Add the `do` asserter.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-281
* Unit: Enable assertions/expectations.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-281
* Prepare Enderlin2017-02-271
* Test: Restrict to code coverage to current lib.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-242
* Prepare Enderlin2017-02-241
* Dependency: atoum/praspel-ext. 0.17.* released.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-241
* Merge branch 'pr/71' into incomingIvan Enderlin2017-02-242
| * Replace reserved keyword "Void" to "Nil"Alexis von Glasow2016-07-142
* | Dependency: Move to atoum 3.0.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-241
* | Bin: Simplify path to atoum.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-141
* | Prepare Enderlin2017-01-161
* | Merge branch 'pr/82' into incomingIvan Enderlin2017-01-1614
|\ \
| * | Quality: Happy new year!Alexis von Glasow2017-01-1214
* | | Dependency: Back to atoum 2.8.Ivan Enderlin2017-01-161
|/ /
* | Quality: Add the `.gitignore` file.Ivan Enderlin2016-10-251