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* chore(cs) Fix CS.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-101
* chore(php) Update to PHP 7.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-101
* chore(php) Call `Protocol::resolve` correctly.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-071
* fix(bin) Use `Protocol::resolve`.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-071
* chore(php) Fix types according to `hoa/console`.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-071
* fix(doctest) Always add Kitab output directory.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-181
* fix(run) Kitab must not override default directory.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-151
* feat(doctest) Use Kitab.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-151
| * feat(doctest) Use Kitab API to compile doc.Ivan Enderlin2017-07-051
| * feat(doctest) Remove generation and execution.Ivan Enderlin2017-07-051
* | chore(cs) Use spaces, rename a variable, fix doc.Ivan Enderlin2017-08-151
* | feat(run) Add the --no-code-coverage option.Grummfy2017-07-071
* Run: Auto-generate doc API tests when running.Ivan Enderlin2017-03-031
* Bin: Simplify path to atoum.Ivan Enderlin2017-02-141
* Quality: Happy new year!Alexis von Glasow2017-01-121
* Bin: Do not set `HOA_PRELUDE_FILES` if empty.Ivan Enderlin2016-08-161
* Bin: Wait atoum children to finish before exiting.Ivan Enderlin2016-08-151
* Bin: Exit code comes from atoum.Ivan Enderlin2016-08-151
* Bin: Run test suites of another library.Ivan Enderlin2016-07-061
* Use `Test` directory as default test containerSt├ęphane HULARD2016-01-161
* Quality: Run devtools:cs.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-091
* Consistency: Use `Hoa\Consistency`.Ivan Enderlin2015-12-081
* Force `atoum` to run in a specific CWD.Ivan Enderlin2015-09-041
* Fix CS.Ivan Enderlin2015-06-271
* Fix usage wording.Ivan Enderlin2015-06-251
* Add `--php-binary` & `--concurrent-processes`.Ivan Enderlin2015-06-251
* Skip library whose name is a PHP keyword.Ivan Enderlin2015-06-011
* Move to PSR-1 and PSR-2.Ivan Enderlin2015-05-211
* Add atoum/ruler-extension.Ivan Enderlin2015-02-271
* Use short-array syntax.Ivan Enderlin2015-02-261
* Happy new year!Ivan Enderlin2015-01-051
* Finalize the move to PSR-4 with Composer. Enderlin2014-12-101
* Look for `atoum` in `vendor/bin/`.Ivan Enderlin2014-11-241
* Automatically filter by namespaces when possible.Ivan Enderlin2014-10-061
* Add the -D/--debug option.Ivan Enderlin2014-09-231
* Remove from/import.Ivan Enderlin2014-09-171
* Support plural options and `--namespaces`.Ivan Enderlin2014-05-101
* Add the `hoa test:generate` command.Ivan Enderlin2014-05-081
* Ensure Composer support.Ivan Enderlin2014-05-081
* Plug to the `atoum/praspel-extension` extension.Ivan Enderlin2014-05-081
* Add the -a/--all option.Ivan Enderlin2014-05-081
* First draft.Ivan Enderlin2014-05-071