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- <p class="warning">This chapter is not yet translated. Contributions are
- welcomed!</p>
+ <p>Strings can sometimes be <strong>complex</strong>, especially when they use
+ the <code>Unicode</code> encoding format. The <code>Hoa\String</code> library
+ provides several operations on UTF-8 strings.</p>
+ <h2 id="Table_of_contents">Table of contents</h2>
+ <tableofcontents id="main-toc" />
+ <h2 id="Introduction" for="main-toc">Introduction</h2>
+ <p>When we manipulate strings, the <a href="http://unicode.org/">Unicode</a>
+ format establishes itself because of its <strong>compatibility</strong> with
+ historical formats (like ASCII) and its capacity to understand a
+ <strong>large</strong> range of characters and symbols for all cultures and
+ all regions in the world. PHP provides several tools to manipulate such
+ strings, like the following extensions:
+ <a href="http://php.net/mbstring"><code>mbstring</code></a>,
+ <a href="http://php.net/iconv"><code>iconv</code></a> or also the excellent
+ <a href="http://php.net/intl"><code>intl</code></a> which is based on
+ <a href="http://icu-project.org/">ICU</a>, the reference implementation of
+ Unicode. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to mix these extensions to achieve
+ our aims and at the cost of a certain <strong>complexity</strong> along with
+ a regrettable <strong>verbosity</strong>.</p>
+ <p>The <code>Hoa\String</code> library answers to these issues by providing a
+ <strong>simple</strong> way to manipulate strings with
+ <strong>performance</strong> and <strong>efficiency</strong> in minds. It
+ also provides some evoluated algorithms to perform <strong>search</strong>
+ operations on strings.</p>