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Rename `Hoa\String` to `Hoa\Ustring`.
Quoting https://github.com/php/php-src/blob/7dcfdbbee4/UPGRADING#L378-L387: > It is no longer possible to use the following class, interface and trait names > (case-insensitive): > > * bool > * int > * float > * string > * null > * false > * true
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Hoa is a **modular**, **extensible** and **structured** set of PHP libraries.
Moreover, Hoa aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds.
-# Hoa\String ![state](http://central.hoa-project.net/State/String)
+# Hoa\Ustring ![state](http://central.hoa-project.net/State/Ustring)
This library allows to manipulate UTF-8 strings easily with some search
@@ -32,14 +32,14 @@ search algorithm.
### Natural UTF-8 strings manipulation
-The `Hoa\String\String` class allows to manipulate easily UTF-8 strings in a
+The `Hoa\Ustring\Ustring` class allows to manipulate easily UTF-8 strings in a
very natural way. This class implements the `\ArrayAccess`, `\Countable` and
`\IteratorAggregate` interfaces. We will use the following examples:
-$french = new Hoa\String\String('Je t\'aime');
-$arabic = new Hoa\String\String('أحبك');
-$japanese = new Hoa\String\String('私はあなたを愛して');
+$french = new Hoa\Ustring\Ustring('Je t\'aime');
+$arabic = new Hoa\Ustring\Ustring('أحبك');
+$japanese = new Hoa\Ustring\Ustring('私はあなたを愛して');
To get the first character, we will do:
@@ -57,9 +57,9 @@ modulo) indexes.
We note that it cares about text **direction**. Look at `$arabic[0]`, it returns
`أ` and not `ك`. To get the direction, we can use the
-`Hoa\String\String::getDirection` method (which call the
-`Hoa\String\String::getCharDirection` static method), it returns either
-`Hoa\String\String::LTR` (`0`) or `Hoa\String\String::RTL` (`1`):
+`Hoa\Ustring\Ustring::getDirection` method (which call the
+`Hoa\Ustring\Ustring::getCharDirection` static method), it returns either
+`Hoa\Ustring\Ustring::LTR` (`0`) or `Hoa\Ustring\Ustring::RTL` (`1`):
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ var_dump(
Text direction is also important for the `append`, `prepend`, `pad`… methods on
-`Hoa\String\String` for example.
+`Hoa\Ustring\Ustring` for example.
To get the length of a string, we can use the `count` function:
@@ -102,21 +102,21 @@ Again, text direction is useful here. For `$arabic`, the iteration is done from
right to left.
Some static methods are helpful, such as `fromCode`, `toCode` or `isUtf8` on
- Hoa\String\String::fromCode(0x1a9), // string(2) "Ʃ"
- Hoa\String\String::toCode('Ʃ'), // int(425) == 0x1a9
- Hoa\String\String::isUtf8('Ʃ') // bool(true)
+ Hoa\Ustring\Ustring::fromCode(0x1a9), // string(2) "Ʃ"
+ Hoa\Ustring\Ustring::toCode('Ʃ'), // int(425) == 0x1a9
+ Hoa\Ustring\Ustring::isUtf8('Ʃ') // bool(true)
We can also transform any text into ASCII:
-$emoji = new Hoa\String\String('I ❤ Unicode');
-$maths = new Hoa\String\String('∀ i ∈ ℕ');
+$emoji = new Hoa\Ustring\Ustring('I ❤ Unicode');
+$maths = new Hoa\Ustring\Ustring('∀ i ∈ ℕ');
$emoji->toAscii(), "\n",
@@ -131,15 +131,15 @@ echo
### Search algorithm
-The `Hoa\String\Search` implements search algorithms on strings.
+The `Hoa\Ustring\Search` implements search algorithms on strings.
-For example, the `Hoa\String\Search::approximated` method make a search by
+For example, the `Hoa\Ustring\Search::approximated` method make a search by
approximated patterns (with *k* differences based upon the principle diagonal
monotony). If we search the word `GATAA` in `CAGATAAGAGAA` with 1 difference, we
will do:
-$search = Hoa\String\Search::approximated(
+$search = Hoa\Ustring\Search::approximated(
$haystack = 'CAGATAAGAGAA',
$needle = 'GATAA',
$k = 1