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authorIvan Enderlin <ivan.enderlin@hoa-project.net>2015-08-03 07:04:30 +0200
committerIvan Enderlin <ivan.enderlin@hoa-project.net>2015-08-03 07:04:30 +0200
commit11c5be9916ee46690507cb004053a3773e699436 (patch)
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Test `ext/mbstring` availability globally.
First, in the constructor, we tested whether the `ext/mbstring` extension was available or not. This check was made each time the constructor run. This is useless and we can optimize it. Second, some static methods were using `ext/mbstring`, so this check was not made and this situation could lead to unexpected errors. This patch introduces and testes the `checkMbString` static method. As its name suggests, it checks whether the `ext/mbstring` extension is available or not. We finally use this method globally, after the class declaration, and throw an exception if the extension is not available.
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diff --git a/Test/Unit/Ustring.php b/Test/Unit/Ustring.php
index 0443892..a03db3c 100644
--- a/Test/Unit/Ustring.php
+++ b/Test/Unit/Ustring.php
@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@
namespace Hoa\Ustring\Test\Unit;
-use Hoa\Ustring as LUT;
use Hoa\Test;
+use Hoa\Ustring as LUT;
* Class \Hoa\Ustring\Test\Unit\Ustring.
@@ -49,7 +49,16 @@ use Hoa\Test;
class Ustring extends Test\Unit\Suite
- public function case_no_mbstring()
+ public function case_check_mbstring()
+ {
+ $this
+ ->given($this->function->function_exists = true)
+ ->then
+ ->boolean(LUT::checkMbString())
+ ->isTrue();
+ }
+ public function case_check_no_mbstring()