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* Update API documentation.Ivan Enderlin2013-02-071
* toAscii() is now dynamic (no more static).Ivan Enderlin2013-02-071
* Remove an empty line.Ivan Enderlin2013-02-071
* Add the substr() method.Ivan Enderlin2013-02-061
* Require ext/iconv and suggest ext/intl.Ivan Enderlin2013-02-061
* Add the toAscii() method.Ivan Enderlin2013-02-061
* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2013-01-013
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* All methods are now statics.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-161
* Add ext/mbstring as a dependency.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-161
* Update API documentation.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-161
* Clarify an argument name.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-161
* s/ArrayObject/ArrayIterator/Ivan Enderlin2012-12-161
* Add the isUtf8() static method.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-151
* Add composer.json.Ivan Enderlin2012-09-031
* Libification (split from Central).Ivan Enderlin2012-08-243
* Welcome to \Hoa\String: represent and manipulate UTF-8 strings naturally.Ivan Enderlin2012-08-062
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| * Welcome to Hoa\String\Unicode\Util :-). Feel free to propose new useful methods.Ivan Enderlin2012-01-121
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