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* Rename `Hoa\String` to `Hoa\Ustring`.Ivan Enderlin2015-05-291
* Move to PSR-1 and PSR-2.Ivan Enderlin2015-05-181
* Happy new year!Ivan Enderlin2015-01-051
* Move to PHP5.4 and remove from/import.Ivan Enderlin2014-12-221
* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2014-01-071
* Force $x and $y to be strings.Ivan Enderlin2013-07-151
* Add the l index in the returned array.Ivan Enderlin2013-07-151
* Happy new year \o/.Ivan Enderlin2013-01-011
* All methods are now statics.Ivan Enderlin2012-12-161
* Libification (split from Central).Ivan Enderlin2012-08-241