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* Change ENDERLIN to Enderlin '-.-.Ivan Enderlin2011-03-241
* Finally, change (c) for ©, we save 2 bytes ;-).Ivan Enderlin2011-03-241
* Remove ambiguity about copyright: 2007, 2011 to 2007-2011.Ivan Enderlin2011-03-241
* Change licence clause from GNU GPLv3 to new BSD.Ivan Enderlin2011-03-241
* Change license block from GNU GPLv3 to new BSD.Ivan Enderlin2011-03-241
* Resolve conflict.Ivan Enderlin2011-03-190
* Merge.Ivan Enderlin2011-02-200
* Remove “Hoa Framework” mentions for simply “Hoa”.Ivan Enderlin2011-02-161
* Add the getRouter() method.Ivan Enderlin2011-02-141
* Extend copyright to 2011.Ivan Enderlin2011-02-121
* Update to PHP5.3.Ivan Enderlin2011-02-071
* FoobarIvan Enderlin2011-01-130
* Remove the require_once 'Core.php' instruction to remove all include_path dep...hywan2010-11-211
* Write API documenation.hywan2010-11-201
* Reboth of the Hoa_View package.hywan2010-11-191
* Reboth of the Hoa_View package.hywan2010-11-195
* Change Hoa_Framework for Hoa_Core.hywan2010-06-274
* Change copyright year.hywan2010-05-304
* Prepare the coming out of Hoa 0.5.0b!hywan2009-11-104
* Create the new architecture.hywan2009-10-145
* Create the new architecture.hywan2009-10-145
* Very small correction, not important.hywan2009-10-081
* Ameliorate routers to build paths (very usefull for the view layer), edit the...hywan2008-12-201
* Remake the API documentation.hywan2008-12-201
* New repository layout (again).hywan2008-12-175