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* chore(php) Update to PHP 7.Ivan Enderlin2017-11-081
* chore(composer) add PHP version requirementAlexis von Glasow2017-08-041
* Documentation: Update `support` properties.Ivan Enderlin2016-10-111
* Test: Write test suite of `…ket\Protocol\Rfc6455`.Ivan Enderlin2016-06-171
* Composer: Require `hoa/test`.Ivan Enderlin2016-02-091
* Socket: Introduce `ws://` and `wss://` transports.Stéphane HULARD2016-02-091
* Composer: New stable libraries.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-141
* Quality: Drop PHP5.4.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-111
* Core: Remove `Hoa\Core`.Ivan Enderlin2016-01-091
* Consistency: Use `Hoa\Consistency`.Ivan Enderlin2015-12-081
* Event: Use `Hoa\Event`.Ivan Enderlin2015-11-231
* Exception: Use `Hoa\Exception`.Ivan Enderlin2015-11-231
* Add RFC references.Ivan Enderlin2015-07-221
* Move to PSR- Enderlin2014-12-091
* Add branch-alias2.14.09.23Stéphane PY2014-09-231
* Continue Rüsh Release. Enderlin2014-09-161
* Start Rüsh Release. Enderlin2014-09-161
* Use OpenSSL for strong random bytes if available.Ivan Enderlin2014-07-061
* Format `composer.json`.Ivan Enderlin2014-01-031
* Better composer compatibilityjubianchi2013-10-151
* Update README and composer.Ivan Enderlin2013-09-091
* Update composer.json.Ivan Enderlin2013-07-191
* Ease rolling-release.Ivan Enderlin2013-04-261
* Add composer.json and README.md.Ivan Enderlin2013-02-261